I'm Shalee Moschetti and I'm a Content Writer living in Melbourne Australia. Throughout my life, I have gone through many different health issues which have made me extremely passionate about all things wellness. This passion drove me to create my blog and to study Health Coaching at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. In 2017, I also successfully completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology). Since graduating I have wondered how I can mesh my studies and passions together. This is how I decided to use my writing skills to support those who are working in the holistic health field. I love sitting at my desk each day with my smoothie and creating content for those who love personal development too. Thank-you for visiting my website, I hope this is the start of a something amazing.

Professional Bio

Shalee Moschetti is a Melbourne based Content Writer who specialises in writing for holistic health businesses. She expresses her love for personal development through her blog and always strives to have a laugh throughout her own wellness journey. 


Bachelor of Behavioural Studies (Psychology) 2017 - Swinburne University of Technology

Certified Health Coach 2015 - The Institute of Integrated Nutrition

More about me

Howdie! I'm Shalee, and...well I'm not good at writing bios to be frank (or George or Mary) but here I go...I'm a 28-year-old living in one of the most mixed-bag cities in the world, Melbourne. I'm in a co-dependent relationship with my boyfriend, blender and two cats (not that I mix those things together). I have spent the last five years crying over my computer while completing my Bachelors Degree and now I am free..to work. Because I'm a professional at overloading, I also completed a Health Coaching course in that time and I now have some very expensive certificates hanging on my wall.

I'm just a girl, sitting in front of a laptop, asking it to love her...

So what does a gal with a fabulous immune system, generalised anxiety and plenty of witty banter do next? She heads to the second-hand store to acquire office furniture and starts her own online business. So here I am. Presenting myself as some kind of Deepak Chopra/Carrie Bradshaw mix by supplying holistic health businesses with freelance writing services. Have I sold myself yet? What if I told you I'm also really good at Words with Friends? 


My wellness journey

Growing up I could either be outgoing or exhausted and shy. I hated sleeping at night and waking up in the morning was a chore. I would also frequently get ulcers and school sores. I didn’t think too much about my health as a kid because I thought what I was experiencing was normal. However, I did live by some inherent truths I seemed to naturally have. Water was my favourite drink, I loved nature, I hated littering, I preferred to be naked or barefoot and I believed everything in the world was made up of energy, including rocks (I had a pretty awesome rock collection). As a teenager, I threw almost all of my truths away. All I was interested in was having fun. I smoked, I laughed, I drank, I stole, I didn’t stand up for myself and I stayed awake all night. I would do anything to stay on the fun train and I never wanted the party to end. It became even harder to wake up in the mornings and I would often sleep in past 2 pm. I began getting school sores all over my body which would infect my acne (and even spread to some of my friends) and I began getting severe cold sores.

Health Coaching About Me Journey

On top of this, I began to have bouts of depression and would often spend time in a corner of my room crying, (I later realised my moods were heavily linked to my hormonal cycle). I was also someone who was determined to do it all on her own (& was completely ignoring any health blocks I had) so I moved out of home at 16. In my early adult life, I attempted to work full-time jobs (because that is what I believed I had to do in order to be successful) and failed miserably. I couldn’t get myself out of bed and I had more sick days out of pure exhaustion than I could count. During my first full-time job, I was so exhausted that I would drive around the corner on my lunch break and sleep in my car. I also had my first outbreak of target lesions (Erythema Multiforme). I was reacting to the cold sore virus and the reaction covered my whole body in spots in the shape of targets. I was put on medication and sent on my way. Around this time, I also experienced a series of urine infections which left my bladder weak and my anxiety high. It was the first time I experienced panic attacks because there wasn’t a toilet around. I began years of avoidance behaviour and I started to avoid public transport, new places and being a passenger in a car. Meanwhile, I was still partying hard, hoping for some relief. I had terrible relationships with the people around me, with myself and with money (I was always playing the poor card because I had moved out of home so young and had to support myself).

Wellness Journey Health Coaching
Wellness Journey About Me

My catalyst for change

After a complicated breakup, I was determined to change it all. However, I quickly realised I didn’t have the skills. I was exhausted and I truly didn’t know myself. I was sadly put on anti-depressants which sent me into a complete spiral of depression (ironic huh) until I decided to stop taking them after 3-6 months (I honestly can’t remember how long I was on them, that is how blurry the whole time was). My new partner and I moved away and this is where the healing began. We fought and it was ugly but for some reason being in a different environment away from the people we were used to, we began to discover ourselves again. We both decided to go to University and I was determined to heal myself.

Sharing my story Health Coaching

I went down the conventional medical route and was passed from GP to GP with no-one really knowing what to do. I went through 3 pretty unnecessary surgeries to try and fix my bladder. The recovery times were long and left me feeling traumatised. By 22 I was prescribed tablets for acne, target lesions, irritable bladder, stomach ulcers, an iron deficiency, weight loss and stomach issues.  I remember getting prescribed another tablet for something and it all clicked that I could not go down this route anymore. I went home that day and Google searched natural wellness. I found health gurus Melissa Ambrosini and Jess Ainscough and devoured their blogs. I started meditating, slowly teaching myself how to cook and I read about something called The Institute of Integrative Nutrition which trains you to become a Health Coach. I had no money at the time but I knew I would someday study there (I graduated in 2015). I still have a tricky immune system and an array of diagnoses I’m working through but I honestly love the journey and I’m more in touch with the wellness truths I knew when I was a little girl. My mission now is to share everything I learn and prove by example that life can be freaking amazing even if you have a chronic health-blocks.

Thank you for reading a little about me, I hope you took something away from it.

Shalee xo